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The ISR team

Issue #101

Summer 2016

Socialism in the Air



Socialism in the air: The return of socialism to US political discourse
Lance Selfa

Quebec's wave of resistance
Alain Savard

Multiple crises of neoliberal capitalism
Interview with Noam Chomsky

The Marikana Massacre and the contradictions of South Africa's "nonracial" capitalism
Interview with Rehad Desai and Jim Nichol

Magonismo and the roots of revolutionary internationalism
Justin Akers Chacón

The intervention and the prisoners of Texas
Ricardo Flores Magón

Majorities, minorities, and revolutionary tactics
Jen Roesch reviews a new volume on the Communist International's Third Congress

Profile of a Communist Women's movement
Excerpt from the Communist International's Third Congress

The Italian factory occupations: A missed revolutionary opportunity
Excerpt from the Communist International's Third Congress

Marxism in Noir: The cultural politics of race and class struggle in the 1940s
Alan Wald


Exploding the post-racial myth
Haley Pessin reviews Keeanga Taylor's From #Black Lives Matter to Black Liberation

Arming the fourth wave
Haley Swenson reviews Sharon Smith's Women and Socialism: Class, Race, and Capital

Understanding the world in order to change it
Bill Keach reviews the second edition of Paul D'Amato's Meaning of Marxism

Workers of the digital world, unite!
Brian Lenzo reviews Ursula Huws's Labor in the Global Digital Economy

Capitalism and climate change
Bill Crane reviews Andreas Malm's Fossil Capitalism

Challenging the narratives of working-class powerlessness
Kyle Brown reviews Immanuel Ness's Southern Insurgency

The ecosocialist imperative
Hannah Holleman reviews MIchael Lowy'sEcosocilaism

An overlooked figure in the council communist movement
Robin Hurstone reviews Gary Roth's Marxism in a Lost Century: A Biography of Paul Mattick