Issue #106

Fall 2017

April 1917

How Lenin Rearmed
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  • Aprll 1917

    Paul D'Amato
  • Choosing or refusing to take sides in an era of right-wing populism

    Neil Davidson
  • Marxism, the Arab Spring, and Islamic fundamentalism

    Joseph Daher
  • The informal economy and India's working class

    Bill Crane
  • Workers' Democracy in Revolutionary Petrograd

    Mike Haynes

Upcoming Reviews

  • Marxism in Nigeria

    Geoff Bailey reviews Naija Marxisms: Revolutionary Thought in Nigeria by Adam Mayer
  • The Dialectical Biologists

    Bekah Ward reviews Not in Our Genes: Ideology, Biology, and Human Nature by Richard Lewontin, Steven Rose and Leon Kamin
  • The Lenin behind the distortions

    Paul Le Blanc reviews The Dillemas of Lenin: Terrorism, War, Empire, Love, Revolution by Tariq Ali
  • The rise and fall of the "pink tide"

    Lance Selfa reviews The Last Days of Oppression and the First Day of the Same: The Politics and Economics of the New Latin American Left by Jeffery R. Webber