Paul Le Blanc

Paul Le Blanc is  professor of history at La Roche College in Pittsburgh.  He is the editor of V. I. Lenin, Revolution, Democracy, Socialism: Selected Writings (Pluto Press, 2008), and Lenin and the Revolutionary Party (Humanity Books, 1993).




Issue #104

Spring 2017

Resistance and reaction in the time of Trump

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  • Resistance and reaction in the time of Trump

  • The Front Populaire and the 
making of the French Communist Party (1920–1962)

    Selim Nadi

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  • Uncovering Boston's radical history

    Keegan O'Brien reviews A People's History of the New Boston by Jim Vrabel
  • Terror in the French Revolution and today

    Samuel Farber reviews In Defense of the Terror: LIberty or Death in the French Revolution by Sophie Wahnich