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Wow. I just finished reading the March/April 2008 issue. Your magazine is consistently informative and valuable. I ended with the letters section and was very encouraged by the content and tone of the correspondence. What especially excited me were the questions, requests, and constructive criticisms of each letter writer. Given the fact that ISR is a sometimes active (and potentially consistent) forum of discussion amongst the readers, I agree completely with the ISR reader from Houston, TX, who urged you to expand the letters section. The queries presented by the letter writers were valid and deserved some form of response in print (even if it were one that explained the economic constraints of responding to each letter). It’s possible you responded to them individually, but I (and I assume many others) would benefit from a dialogue based on the letters. I strongly request that you respond in print if this is at all possible. Maybe a new Q&A section could be integrated into the ISR hard copy or (more financially realistic) on the Web site. I hope this is possible. Thank you for a great publication.

—E. Francis Kohler

Issue #78

July 2011

Slavery and the origins of the Civil War

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