Why is the Socialist Party so small?

Why is it that the Socialist Party of France has much more influence than the Socialist Party USA (SP-USA)? The French Socialist Party is one of the main political parties and is the largest left-wing party in France. Why is it that the SP-USA does not nearly have as much in­fluence or recognition? Is it because of the negative connotations of socialism in the United States or the distortion of history by historians?

James Rankin

Issue #75

January 2011

A New Age of Austerity

The latest phase of the global crisis
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  • Trotsky—truth and fiction

    Paul Le Blanc reviews Trotsky: Downfall of a Revolutionary by Bernard Patenaude; Trotsky: A Graphic Biography by Rick Geary; The Ghost of Leon Trotsky by Louis Young-Tulin; In the Casa Azul: A Novel of Revolution and Betrayal by Meaghan Delahunt; The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver; The Sweetest Dream: Love, Lies, & Assassination by Lillian Pollack; Trotsky: A Biography by Robert Service; Trotsky by Geoffrey Swain; and Trotsky by Ian Thatcher