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Issue 7: Spring 1999

Stop NATO's war


Notes of the Quarter
The war for NATO's credibility; The liberal's war; Refugee crisis


Origins of the war in the Balkans
by Paul D'Amato

Why Kosovo is not Serbia
Leonard Kline and Paul D'Amato

U.S. Imperialism: A century of slaughter
by Lance Selfa

"What we say goes": The Gulf War of 1991
by Lance Selfa

Can the UN bring peace?
by Bridget Broderick

While six million died: How the West abandoned the Jews
by Annie Levin

Reprints on socialism and war: Leon Trotsky, John Reed, Lenin and Duncan Hallas


Rwanda's genocide; books on Yugoslavia

The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx Available from Haymarket Books.

Anarchism and autonomism: Readings from the ISR archive

A critique of insurrectionary anarchism
Geoff Bailey

Comtemporary Anarchism
Eric Kerl

Comtemporary Anarchism: an exchange
Tom Wetzel and Eric Kerl

Problems of autonomism
Claudio Katz

The powerlessness of anti-power: a critique of Change the World Without Taking Power
Paul D'Amato

Emma Goldman: A life of controversy
Lance Selfa

Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War
Geoff Bailey

Anarchists in the Russian Revolution: The Makhno myth
Jason Yanowitz

Empire strikes out: a critique of Hardt and Negri's Empire
Tom Lewis

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