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Issue 12:
June-July 2000

The Revolt Against Globalization


This is the way labor can win
Reports from Latin America: Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela
Iran: Heading for a showdown
The struggle over Vieques

Birth of a new movement
Reports and analysis of A16 organizing

Interview with Walden Bello
Alan Maass talks to the executive director of Focus on the Global South

Fighting the global goliaths
Speeches from a D.C. teach-in

Globalization: Myths and realities
Lee Sustar

Students and labor, stronger together
Sherry Wolf on United Students Against Sweatshops

Former Gap sweatshop worker speaks out
Sherry Wolf interviews Chie Abad

The color of justice
Paul D'Amato on youth, race and crime

Ethiopia: Roots of Famine
David Whitehouse

The hidden war against Iraq
Anthony Arnove

The new assault on a woman's right to choose
Elizabeth Schulte

Rehabilitating McCarthyism
William Keach

Standing on the shoulders of a giant
Remembering Tony Cliff

Book Reviews
Crime and punishment
NATO's Balkan war
A new barnyard revolt
Defending evolution
Textile strike of 1934
Repressing Salt of the Earth

The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx Available from Haymarket Books.

Anarchism and autonomism: Readings from the ISR archive

A critique of insurrectionary anarchism
Geoff Bailey

Comtemporary Anarchism
Eric Kerl

Comtemporary Anarchism: an exchange
Tom Wetzel and Eric Kerl

Problems of autonomism
Claudio Katz

The powerlessness of anti-power: a critique of Change the World Without Taking Power
Paul D'Amato

Emma Goldman: A life of controversy
Lance Selfa

Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War
Geoff Bailey

Anarchists in the Russian Revolution: The Makhno myth
Jason Yanowitz

Empire strikes out: a critique of Hardt and Negri's Empire
Tom Lewis

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