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November-December 2001

Why We
This War
Web exclusives

Howard Zinn's speech at an anti-war teach-in in Burlington, VT
Nafeez Mosadeq Ahmed on Afghanistan, the Taliban, and the United States
Edward Said interviewed by David Barsamian: "They call all resistance terrorism" Part 1 and Part II


War on the Afghan people
Fault lines of a new world
Racism and civil liberties
War and the labor movement
On terrorism
Shut down the SOA

Viewpoints on the war
John Pilger on "The war on terror: The other victims" and "Bush and Blair's hidden agenda"
Noam Chomsky interviewed by David Barsamian
William Blum interviewed by Djibrile Oumarou and David Zirin
Lee Sustar on the lies they tell about Islam

Washington's real war aims
Lance Selfa

Afghanistan, the CIA, bin Laden, and the Taliban
Phil Gasper

The bombing of Afghanistan
Nafeez Mosadeq Ahmed

Rogue state: A history of U.S. terror
Katherine Dwyer

The squeeze on Pakistan
David Whitehouse

Targeting Iraq: U.S. hypocrisy and media lies
Sharon Smith

The Al-Aqsa Intifada: Consequence of Israel's occupation
Rania Masri

Pearl Harbor, internment and Hiroshima: Historical lessons
Paul D'Amato

The Canton, Ohio, speech
Eugene V. Debs speaks against the First World War

Book Reviews
Ruling over the ruins of Afghanistan
Explaining Pakistan's crisis
Portrait of a war criminal

The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx Available from Haymarket Books.

Anarchism and autonomism: Readings from the ISR archive

A critique of insurrectionary anarchism
Geoff Bailey

Comtemporary Anarchism
Eric Kerl

Comtemporary Anarchism: an exchange
Tom Wetzel and Eric Kerl

Problems of autonomism
Claudio Katz

The powerlessness of anti-power: a critique of Change the World Without Taking Power
Paul D'Amato

Emma Goldman: A life of controversy
Lance Selfa

Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War
Geoff Bailey

Anarchists in the Russian Revolution: The Makhno myth
Jason Yanowitz

Empire strikes out: a critique of Hardt and Negri's Empire
Tom Lewis

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