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November-December 2008

Crisis of capitalism

Letter from the editor


LANCE SELFA: A new political landscape

LEE SUSTAR: An Economic system on the edge

EDUARDO LUCITA: A crisis of capital

Battle at Boeing


Racial scapegoats for the crash
Conservatives are blaming the economic crisis on affirmative action, Phil Gasper writes in “Critical Thinking”

Capitalism’s worst crisis since the 1930s
Joel Geier

Beyond the surge in Iraq
Ashley Smith looks behind the hype about success in Iraq

Afghanistan: The new quagmire
Christian Parenti, interviewed by Helen Scott

Bolivia after the referendum
Jeffery Webber and Tom Lewis

Charter schools and the attack on public education
Sarah Knopp

Hothouse Earth: capitalism and climate change
First of two articles by Chris Williams

The echo effect of 1968
Mexican author Paco Ignacio Taibo II, interviewed by Todd Chretien

Energy imperialism
Lance Selfa reviews new books by Michael T. Klare and Andrew J. Bacevich

A life spent in struggle
Todd Chretien remembers Peter Miguel Camejo, 1939–2008


What to read about Afghanistan
Charles T. Peterson reviews five recent books

PLUS: Hooked on prescription drugs; Deadly lines on the map; Overblowing the risks of terror attack


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Anarchism and autonomism: Readings from the ISR archive

A critique of insurrectionary anarchism
Geoff Bailey

Comtemporary Anarchism
Eric Kerl

Comtemporary Anarchism: an exchange
Tom Wetzel and Eric Kerl

Problems of autonomism
Claudio Katz

The powerlessness of anti-power: a critique of Change the World Without Taking Power
Paul D'Amato

Emma Goldman: A life of controversy
Lance Selfa

Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War
Geoff Bailey

Anarchists in the Russian Revolution: The Makhno myth
Jason Yanowitz

Empire strikes out: a critique of Hardt and Negri's Empire
Tom Lewis

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