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Hugo Chávez
and the
Battle for Venezuela's Future


Ten years of the International Socialist Review

N E W S & R E P O R T S

Shakeup in the antiwar movement
Joe Allen analyses the reaction to Cindy Sheehan's decision to leave the Democratic Party

PLUS: Shaun Harkin on The immigration debate; Randy Childs on New attack on LA teachers; Emmanuel Santos on Challenging neoliberalism in the Dominican Republic; Mostafa Omar on The strike wave in Egypt


Darwin's dangerous ideas
Phil Gasper reveals why evolutionary biology creates a problem for the right

Where is Venezuela going?
Lee Sustar examines the fight for "21st Century Socialism" in Venezuela

Trade unions and socialism in Venezuela
Orlando Chirino, national organizer of Venezuela's National Workers' Union, talks about the class struggle in Venezuela

The unforgiven: Jack Johnson and Barry Bonds
Sports writer Dave Zirin compares two great Black athletes and the antagonisms they faced

Bitter medicine
Helen Redmond looks at the way "big pharma" makes windfall profits at the public's expense

MIgrant workers: Casualties of Neoliberalism
Justin Akers on the impact of neoliberalism on labor migration in the U.S. and Mexico

Fidel Castro's political testament
Sam Farber reviews a new book of interviews with Cuba's ailing leader

Marx,Engels, and self-emancipation
Part two of Hal Draper's analysis of the genesis of Marx and Engels' concept of workers' self-emancipation


Moving left at the grass roots

PLUS: The poor man's air force; How one man got out of Iraq; Struggles of a nineteenth century feminist; Wars of Independence; The need for a third reconstruction; Cracking the Washington Consensus; A synthesis ofGandhi and guerrilla

The Revolutionary Ideas of Karl Marx Available from Haymarket Books.

Anarchism and autonomism: Readings from the ISR archive

A critique of insurrectionary anarchism
Geoff Bailey

Comtemporary Anarchism
Eric Kerl

Comtemporary Anarchism: an exchange
Tom Wetzel and Eric Kerl

Problems of autonomism
Claudio Katz

The powerlessness of anti-power: a critique of Change the World Without Taking Power
Paul D'Amato

Emma Goldman: A life of controversy
Lance Selfa

Anarchists in the Spanish Civil War
Geoff Bailey

Anarchists in the Russian Revolution: The Makhno myth
Jason Yanowitz

Empire strikes out: a critique of Hardt and Negri's Empire
Tom Lewis

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