Lee Wengraf

]Lee Wengraf is the author of Extracting Profit: Imperialism, Neoliberalism, and the New Scramble for Africa (Haymarket Books, 2018). She has written  a number of ISR articles, including Legacies of colonialism in Africa: Imperialism, dependence, and development (ISR 103), The Marikana massacre and the contradictions of South Africa's "nonracial" capitalism (an Interview with Rehad Desai and Jim Nichol in ISR 101), The new scramble for Africa in ISR (60), and The Orwell we never knew (ISR 32).


Issue #110

Fall 2018

Lessons from the teachers' strike wave

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  • Thinking Bolsheviks

    Pepijn Brandon reviews October Song: Bolshevik Triumph, Communist Tragedy, 1917–1924 by Paul Le Blanc

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    Hadas Thier, David McNally, Lee Wengraf, Lee Sustar and Michael Roberts