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ISR #63
January-February 2009

Politics and struggle in a new era

Arundhati Roy: 9 is not 11
Manning Marable on Malcolm X
Sherry Wolf on Stonewall
The return of Keynes

ISR #62
November-December 2008

Crisis of capitalism

What's wrong with Charter Schools
Capitalism and climate change
Paco Ignacio Taibo on 68


ISR #61
September-October 2008

Obama: Politics of change or politics as usual?

Arundhati Roy: Brave New India
Gilbert Achcar on imperialism
The 68 Olympics
The left and the Democrats

ISR #60
July-August 2008

The new winter soldier

Which way forward for antiwar movement?
End of cheap oil
1968: The Democrats & the antiwar movement
New scramble for Africa


ISR #59
May-June 2008

The global food revolt

Strikes in Egypt
Winter Soldier

ISR #58
March-April 2008

King's last fight

Election 2008
Arundhati Roy
Trotsky's Russian Revolution


ISR #57
January-February 2008

Progress in Iraq?

Black Reconstruction
Russian Revolution
Rachel Carson
Ron Paul

ISR #56
November-December 2007

Health vs. Wealth

Scahill on Blackwater


ISR #55
September-October 2007

Old racism in the new south

Pilger on corporate media
Factory occupations

ISR #54
July-August 2007

Battle for Venezuela

Zirin on Bonds
Sam Farber on Castro
Justin Akers Chacon on migrang workers


ISR #53
May-June 2007

Iraq Vets say bring them home

Arundhati Roy
Myth of Makhno

ISR #52
March-April 2007

Crisis of U.S. Empire

Achcar on Lebanon
Post-Industrial capitalism?
The Israel Lobby debate
Guernica revisited


ISR #51
January-February 2007

Cuba: Image and Reality

Anthony Arnove on Iraq
Death of Liberalism
Hungary 1956

ISR #50
November-December 2006

Why Marx still matters

Chomsky on Lebanon
Dave Zirin on steroids
The German Revolution


ISR #49
September-October 2006

The destruction of Lebanon

Chile's student protests
The Democrats as Capital's B-team
Gary Tyler
Marx's capital

ISR #48
July-August 2006

Trouble in Bush Country

Chomsky on Empire
GOP in Crisis; Blacks and immigration
Permanent Revolution


ISR #47
May-June 2006

Birth of a movement

Anthony Arnove on Iraq
Chomsky on Iran
Socialists and movements
Justin Akers on immigrant rights

ISR #46
March-April 2006

Latin American at the tipping point

What's wrong with the "war on terror"?
Chavez and the road to socialism in Venezuela


ISR #45
Sept.-Oct. 2005

America's Apartheid Schools

Jonathan Kozol
Vigilantes at the border
Mike Davis on Avian Flu
Ahmed Shawki on the King years

ISR #44
November-December 2005

Who Killed New Orleans?

Mike Davis, John Pilger, Noam Chomsky
The case of Leonard Peltier
Zapatistas reactivate


ISR #43
Sept.-Oct. 2005


Interview with George Galloway
Vigilantes at the border
Mike Davis on Avian Flu

ISR #42
July-August 2005

Will you be able to retire?

Tariq Ali and Anthony Arnove on Iraqi resistance
Their morals and ours


ISR #41
May-June 2005


The Media in Wartime
Demonstration Elections

ISR #40
March-April 2005

VIETNAM: The Quagmire Last Time

Is Biology Destiny, part two
Iraqi Resistance
Global Warming and Capitalism


ISR #39
January-February 2005


Is the U.S. Turning to the Right?
The Future of the Antiwar Movement
Trotsky's Marxism

ISR #38
November-December 2004

Turning Back the Clock? Women, work and Family Today

Is Biology Destiny?
Return of the Draft?


ISR #37
September-October 2004

Noam Chomsky: War Crimes and Imperial Fantasies

Cockburn & St. Clair: The Clinton Legacy
Peter Camejo
Two Candidates: One Agenda

ISR #36
July-August 2004

Civil Rights in Peril

Arundhati Roy on American Empire
Castro's Cuba Today
Bolivia's Resource Wars


ISR #35
May-June 2004

Cracks in the Empire

Iraq One Year Later
Bush or Kerry?
Women and Islam; Haiti Under Siege

ISR #34
March-April 2004

Labor's Challenge

LEE SUSTAR on Labor's State of Emergency
JUSTIN AKERS on U.S. Farmworkers' Struggle for Justice


ISR #33
January 2003-February 2004

Muhammad Ali and the revolt of the Black athlete

Drugging America to Death
Birth of Bolshevism
Vietnam War: Part 2

ISR #32
November-December 2003

Racism in America today

Chomsky on Imperialism
The Dean deception
Marx's theory of crisis


ISR #31
September-October 2003

End the occupation

Bring the troops home
Africa today
Rise and fall of SDS

ISR #30
July-August 2003

Bush's hit list

Privatizing Iraq
Politics of Islam
Cuba and the Bush Doctrine


ISR #29
May-June 2003

The U.S. occupation of Iraq

Media in wartime
Occupation of Japan
Vietnam: The war the U.S. lost

ISR #28
March-April 2003

No Blood For Oil

The invasion of Iraq
Truth about Afghanistan
Labor's war at home


ISR #27
January-February 2003

IMPERIALISM: Washington's gamble for a new MIddle East

War on Iraq: Two views from Palestine
International Law: Illusion and reality
Critique of Holloway

ISR #26
July-August 2002

The growing opposition to Bush's war

The origins of racism
Slavery and reparations
UN: Image and reality
Geopolitics of oil


ISR #25
September-October 2002

Against Bush's war on Iraq

Barsamian interviews Chomsky
Global AIDS Crisis
Debate over invasion

ISR #24
July-August 2002

The struggle against war

Contagion in Latin America
Stephen Jay Gould
Hidden History of Zionism


ISR #23
May-June 2002 2002

Justice for Palestine

Roundtable on Palestine
Norman Solomon on the media's lies
On the road with Marx

ISR #22
March-April 2002

The Assault on civil liberties

Crony Capitalism Enron-style
Black workers in the 60s
Latin America updates


ISR #21
January-February 2002

War, Crisis, Revolt

With James Petras, Greg Palast, John Pilger
Inside U.S. prisons
Women and Afghanistan

ISR #20
November-December 2001

Why we oppose this war

With Noam Chomsky, William Blum and John Pilger
Washington's real war aims
Israeli occupation of Palestine


ISR #19
August-September 2001

Whose World? Theirs or Ours?

With Walden Bello, Jeremy Brecher, Dennis Brutus, Noam Chomsky, Lisa Fithian, Doug Henwood, Manning Marable, John Pilger and many more...

ISR #18
June-July 2001

Bush's World

The Oil and Gas Administration
Interview with
Edward Said
Eyewitness in Quebec


ISR #17
April-May 2001

Under the Eagle

Stop the FTAA
Interview with Doug Henwood
Ariel Sharon: War Criminal

ISR #16
February-March 2001

The Shape of Things to Come

George W. Bush's Cabinet
California Power Crisis
The U.S. Constitution


ISR #15
December 2000-January 2001

The New Intifada

Howard Zinn on Class Warfare
Standing up to Goliath
Blood for Oil

ISR #14
October-November 2000

The Nader Challenge

The Nader Challenge
Child Labor
Gandhi and nonviolence


ISR #13
August-September 2000

The Price of Lesser Evilism

Marxists and Elections
Japanese Internment
Marxism & Nationalism

ISR #12
June-July 2000

The Revolt Against Globalization

IMF/World Bank prostests
Youth and Crime
Hidden War Against Iraq


ISR #11
April-May 2000

Death Penalty on Trial

WTO, IMF, and World Bank
Interview with Leonard Weinglass
Cuba's Crisis

ISR #10
Winter 2000

Crisis and Class Struggle
in Latin America

The Rebirth of Resistance
WWII: The Good War?
Mark Twain


ISR #9
Fall 1999

The New Movement Against Sweatshops

Students and Sweatshops
Vietnam: The Soldier's Revolt
School of the Americas

ISR #8
Summer 1999

New Masters of the Balkans

From Cold War to Kosovo
Racism and Justice
Marxism and War


ISR #7
Spring 1999

Stop NATO's War

History of US Imperialism
Can the UN Bring Peace?
The 1991 Gulf War

ISR #6
Winter 1999

Democrats and the Death Penalty

Gay politics in the U.S.
Chile: State and revolution
John Reed


ISR #5
Fall 1988

Asia in Crisis

Indonesia: Crisis and revolt
What ever happened to feminism
Marx at 150

ISR #4
Spring 1998

Origins of the Middle East Crisis

Zionism: False Messiah
U.S and Iraq
What is "economism"


ISR #3
Winter 1997

80 Years since the Russian Revolution

Puerto Rico
Death Penalty

ISR #2
Fall 1997

Contradictions of the "Miracle Economy"

Women's Oppression
Jean-Marie Le Pen
Lessons from the UPS strike


ISR #1
Summer 1997

China: From Mao to Deng

A New Labor Movement?
Communists and Black liberation
Tony Cliff

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